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Cape Food Services & Solutions can add value to your business through more than 20 years of experience in the Food and Hospitality industry. We offer you the following quality services:

Functions & Events Catering

We will exceed your expectations while keeping you informed every step of the way.
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Out-source Catering.

There are many reasons to outsource your catering needs, but also many concerns. We explain the advantages of making use of our service.
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Food Service Consultancy.

We can make recommendations, give quality advice and provide personal & professional service.
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Food Competition Judging.

Our Management and chefs are all encourage as well as sponsored by Cape Food to become members of or affiliated to credible Industry related food and hospitality bodies and associations.

For this reason 70% of our management are members of the South African Chefs Association (SACA). SACA has a long history spanning over three and a half decades of promoting the art of and science of cookery in South Africa. With over 3000 members, SACA represents the finest Chefs, Culinars, Restaurateurs, educators and learners. Cape Food Directors have been Professional members since 2006.

Our Managing Director is an accredited Food Judge. This certification and accreditation has been issued by the South African Chefs Association (SACA).

Competition and Food Judging:

  • Regional Coordinators - Checkers/Shoprite boerewors Competition
  • Head Judge - Regional rounds of Checkers/Shoprite Boerewors Competition
  • Potjie-kos Competitions
  • Barbeque Competitions
  • Formal and Informal Judging

Industrial Relations.

The services offered to you, our client:

  1. Chairmanship of Disciplinary Hearings and other Formal proceedings
    Cape Food Consulting will act as an impartial Chairman presiding over the disciplinary hearing in a formal capacity. The key responsibility is to ensure that the hearing is conducted in a procedurally fair manner. We offer you years of experience in the field of hearings and a clear understanding of the governing rules as laid out in the Basics Conditions of Employment Act and the Wage Determination Act. All the relevant documents and electronic sound files are offered to ensure that the process fair and thorough.
  2. Consulting service
    We will advise you as your consultants on the correct procedures to be followed when you have to make a decision on the implementation of disciplinary action in the work place. From Formal and informal counselling sessions, written warnings, final written warning and advise on the class of offence that has been committed we will guide you through the process. From the compiling of the charge and the correct documents to be issued including step by step instruction on the rights of individuals and employers.
  3. Training of management and/or staff
    A structured course divided into easily understandable modules for empowering the management in what can be a rather tricky area of managerial control. Once this course has been trained the improvement in the workplace harmony is remarkable.
  4. Documentation
    A Library of documents to assist you in any industrial relations challenge from desertion to poor work performance counselling.

Mystery Shopper Programs.

You are buying quality ingredients, developing sensational menus with the chef while revamping the front of house at huge cost all in an attempt to create that experience which will secure return customers. You are convinced that you have all the bases covered… but they don’t come back. Why?

FACT: 80% never actually tell you why. They just leave, never to return.

Let us help you get the answers. Trained, experienced mystery guests will survey your business and share the hard cold facts about the customer experience with you.

According to the National Restaurant and retail statistics, 1 customer will tell 11 people about their restaurant experience. If the experience is shadowed in a bad light you have lost 11 customers. Furthermore, service problems account for 70% of your lost customers.

"Now, can you really afford not to know?"

How can we accurately evaluate an establishment?

  1. We have trained mystery shoppers situated though out the Garden Route
  2. We have owned and managed various restaurants, canteens, cafeterias and take away outlets through the last 20 plus years. We have "paid our school fees"
  3. Cape Food is managing restaurant operations and improving service levels on a daily basis. It’s our business to know.
  4. Right now Cape Food is evaluating and/or providing training about food service in the area.
  5. Cape Food is affiliated and associated with professional institutions.
  6. From 5-Star Hotels and Restaurants through to Fast-food Franchises have recognized our value added service.

Waitron Training.

Q: What attributes should the waiter/waitress have that is entrusted to deliver the final product to your guests?
A: Effective communicator, High Energy, Flexibility, Capable under stress, Cooperative, Courteous, Desire to please, Empathic, Neat appearance, Menu knowledge…

When one considers how important the front of house staff are in ensuring that “return customers remain just that’ it becomes mind boggling as to why there is a general lack of training and poor competency levels in this part of the work force.

We offer you a training course to suit your establishment’s service profile that will:

  • Identify which service levels need attention and apply the appropriate training.
  • Lay down the foundations of acceptable food service to your guests.
  • Correct the “bad habits” and instil good process and functionality in the job function.
  • Empower your front of house service staff to be confident in the knowledge that they are competent in all levels of service.
  • Practical role play training is a priority.
  • Written examination to test course information retention.
  • Certificate of attendance.

Waitron training courses include:

  • Types of service and table settings
  • Hosting
  • Table service
  • Taking Orders
  • Carrying trays
  • Suggestions and Suggestive selling
  • Take care of the Kids
  • Server Side-work duties
  • Menu knowledge
  • Ordering Systems
  • Tipping
  • Beverage service
  • Bussing
  • Sanitation and Safety

"Never doubt the damage that is caused when a Customer receives indifferent service"